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Jackass and CKY DVD Guide

After seeing Bad Grandpa, I'm feeling nostalgic about Jackass.  I've got the movies, and somewhere I have the volumes on DVD, but I know I don't have all the footage that was aired.  The history of Jackass on DVD has been a little sketchy from the beginning, so hopefully this guide will help you sort through the numerous releases of movies and TV shows.  I'm aware most people won't need help doing this, but here it is for the few of us who do!

Main Jackass Titles

Jackass (TV Series)

Unfortunately as of 2013 there isn't a release of complete seasons of Jackass.  I doubt it will ever happen.  However, MTV has released the show on three separate volumes.  For some reason, these volumes are really just highlights, and don't contain all the footage that aired.  For another unknown reason, only volumes 2 and 3 were released for quiet a long time.  Both volumes are about an hour and twenty minutes long, so roughly four episodes worth of material.  Considering there were 25 episodes total, it soon becomes obvious all the material isn't here.  Three years later, in 2005, they finally released Jackass Vol. 1.  It had a run time of about 120 minutes, so here we get about six episodes worth, so we are up to ten episodes of twenty-five aired.  Now I realize that math is exactly perfect, but it's quite clear there isn't everything here.  All three volumes can be purchased separately for fairly cheap, but it's going to be most intelligent to get the box set.

The box set also includes a four disc of special features.  It includes the Gumball 3000 race across Europe, and a "Where are they now?" documentary.  It's definitely the way to go if you want any of these volumes.

Jackass: The Lost Tapes

In 2009 Jackass: The Lost Tapes was released.  While it never claims to have all the footage that wasn't in the box set, I just assumed it did.  It doesn't.  It has about 1 hour and 40 minutes worth of material that wasn't in the box set.  It's definitely worth checking out, but it still isn't all the material.  I'm just going to assume we won't ever get it from anywhere but Pirate Bay.

So that sums up all the television material that is available.  Hopefully someday we will get more, but I doubt it.  Now, on to the immensely more popular movies!

Jackass: The Movie

Released in 2002 (exactly 11 years before Bad Grandpa, to the day!), Jackass: The Movie was a huge success.  The movie cost 5 million and made almost 80 million.  The film showcases everything the crew had to offer in the TV series, but now they can do so much more.  There's a rated and unrated version of the film.  The unrated version is only a few minutes longer, but it's worth it.  It's cheaper anyway, so there's no reason to get the rated version honestly.

Jackass Number Two

Before Jackass Number Two was released, most of the Jackass crew went on to do their own thing.  We will get to that later.  The sequel was released in 2006, and while it wasn't quite as big of a success, it was still definitely a success.  I'm not even sure if the rated version is still available, but just go for the unrated.  Again, no reason not to.

Jackass 2.5

Apparently they filmed way more footage for Jackass Number Two than they needed.  So instead of just putting this footage on the DVD as extras, they compiled it into another movie called Jackass 2.5.  I have seen many reviews that say it should have been on the DVD for the movie, but I kind of like it as a separate release.  I think it came together nicely.

Jackass Unrated 3-Pack

Now before you buy any of the movie, check this out.  It includes Jackass: The Movie, Jackass Number Two, and Jackass 2.5.  It's considerably cheaper this way.

Jackass 3D

In 2010 they released Jackass 3D, which is just a Jackass movie in 3D.  I thought it was actually great, even without the 3D.  It's probably the "biggest" of all the Jackass stuff.  It's pretty crazy.  I'm pretty sure this one only has an unrated version available, so yeah, you know the drill by now.

Jackass 3.5

Exactly like Jackass 2.5, but with footage from 3!   Again, people think it should be on the DVD.  Regardless, it isn't, and it's worth watching!

CKY Titles

Before Jackass was a thing, Bam Margera and his group of people from Jackass had a video series called CKY.  These videos were hybrids of what becomes Jackass and a skateboarding video.  I personally prefer CKY to Jackass, but that's just personal preference.  There are four titles in the series, and they have all had numerous releases.

Landspeed: CKY

Some releases of this movie have removed Landspeed from the title, but it's more or less all the same movie.  There are quite a few ways to get this movie, I'll explain the box sets as we get to them.


In 2000 CKY2K was released.  While there is definitely still some skating, it's more like Jackass than the previous movie.  Due to some copyright infringement, it is sometimes hard to find CKY2K on DVD the way it was released.  It's very easy to find in a box set called CKY Trilogy.  The box set includes  the first movie, and CKY2K and CKY 3 edited into one movie.  So pretty much they just take scenes out of both movies and compile them together.  You lose a bunch of footage, so I don't recommend going that route if possible.


While no where near as good as CKY2K, it still is pretty great.  The movie has much more staged scenes than the previous two, but they really are still humorous.  Just like last movie, it's part of the CKY Trilogy but you really only get half the movie mixed with scenes of the second movie.  Buy separately if possible.

CKY Trilogy

So this compilation includes CKY, a documentary about CKY, and a compilation movie combining scenes from CKY.  It's a way cheaper alternative to buying them separately, but you are going to miss some scenes.  Supposedly it compiles the best scenes, but that's really a matter of opinion.  If you want a taste of CKY without diving in heads first this would probably be the way to go, but I don't recommend it.  If you love Jackass enough to try CKY, you are going to want it all eventually.  There is a CKY documentary that is pretty cool, but not worth it if you have all the other discs.

CKY 4: The Lastest & Greatest

In my opinion, this one is almost as good as CKY2K.  The fourth CKY movie came out in 2003 and has a noticeably higher budget than the previous films.  I would assume this is due to Bam's popularity increasing.  There are multiple versions of this available on DVD, each version having less scenes than the last.  Many scenes were removed for various reasons, including nudity and copyright infringement.  You want to get the one with the longest runtime available, but none of them are going to be bad.  The missing scenes are available on YouTube anyway, so no huge loss.

Notable Spin-offs

The random members of the Jackass and CKY crew have all gone on to do all kinds of different things spawning many different TV series and movies.  I'm not going to list them all, because I don't believe they are all exactly relevant.

Viva La Bam

While more scripted, Viva La Bam is still pretty entertaining.  The show follows Bam and most of the CKY crew as they run around town kind of doing whatever they want.  Usually each episode has a goal, like making sure Phil Margera doesn't eat for a day or participating in a town-wide scavenger hunt.  It's pretty ridiculous, but somehow lasted five seasons.  It's worth checking out if you run out of Jackass and CKY to watch.


Wildboyz is by far my favorite Jackass spin-off.  Essentially, it's very similar to Jackass (especially in later seasons), but most of the time involve animals or extreme cultural situations.  Most episodes involve a certain continent of part of the world, with Steve-O and Chris Pontius meeting the natives and finding the most dangerous animals.  It lasted for four seasons and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoyed Jackass.

Haggard: The Movie

Haggard is a straight-to-DVD movie released in 2003.  Supposedly the movie was made for an estimated $550,000, and that shows a little but it really doesn't make it bad.  While everyone in the film is acting, most of them are kind of playing themselves to a degree.  The story is about Ryan Dunn's girlfriend leaving him, and how he copes.  It's very funny and honestly one of my favorite break-up movies, though that is probably bias.  It had a kind of sequel called Minghags, but I haven't seen it so I can't speak for it.

Don't Try This at Home: The Steve-O Video

This video is a collection of scenes that essentially didn't make it onto MTV due to censorship reasons.  IT's pretty intense.  As the DVD cover shows, Johnny Knoxville, Chris Pontius, Wee-Man, and Preston Lacy all make appearances.  It's fairly short, but worth watching.  There were three more videos after this, and they are all on my watch list, but I haven't seen them.  I assume they are of similar quality though.

There are many other things involving these guys, some great, some not.  This list should get you started though!

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