Tuesday, January 28, 2014

DC Injustice: Gods Among Us Superman and Nightwing Figures

I apparently didn't learn my lesson from my previous Injustice figure purchases. They suck.

Today I opened my Injustice: Gods Among Us Superman and Nightwing figures.  They are just like the previous figures I have:

These figures had great potential, they are just extremely cheaply made for their price.

DC Multiverse Wave 1 Arkham City Batman

They fall apart easy, and I'm not saying that they break after some abuse.  My Superman was broken right out of the package.  His leg won't stay on, which is the exact problem my Green Arrow had right out of the package.  My Wonder Woman lost a foot in a similar situation.

Marvel Universe Comic Packs Wave 13 Hulk

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Thor Series King Laufey Figure

It's King Laufey!

There really isn't much to say about this figure, it's really the same as the Thor Series Frost Giants, just slightly different.

Laufey comes with an ice helmet and ice mace.

Thor Series Frost Giant

DC Multiverse Wave 1 Recap

DC Multiverse Wave 1 Arkham City Batman

I was so excited when a new 4 inch DC line was announced.  There aren't many lines I have collected from the beginning, but I do plan on getting most, if not all, of these DC Multiverse figures.

GI Joe Retaliation Wave 1 Cyber Ninja
GI Joe Dollar General Storm Shadow

So far there have been five figures.  There are kind of six, as there is a Batman with a different suit, but some places list that as a variant, so I'm not counting it.  Below I've listed each figure with links to their respective posts.
  1. Batman
  2. Bane
  3. Azrael
  4. Mr. Freeze
  5. Deadshot

DC Multiverse Wave 1 Arkham Origins Bane

So far all the figure have good articulation, which is a new thing for DC figures.  Some are certainly better than others, but they are all built well and quite articulate.

Incredible Hulk Series Hulkbuster

I've had no problems with the paint application on any of the figures so far, and none of them have broken or even felt brittle.

Thor: The Dark World Series Kurse Figure

I can't decide of Kurse should count as an army builder or not.

In Thor: The Dark World, the Dark Elves are transformed into creatures just like this.  This specific guy is a major character, but in the beginning of the film, there are multiple similar creatures.

Thor: The Dark World Series Dark Elf Figure

I'm probably just going to keep it at one.  Three elves plus Kurse makes a pretty decent team.

Marvel Universe Heroic Age Avengers Team Pack Thor

Kurse is about the same height as Thor, which makes sense. He's articulate, but not as articulate as this Marvel Universe Thor or as articulate as the Dark Elves.

The paint is very dark, and I honestly think it looks great.  The sculpt is fantastic as well.  Definitely just like Kurse in the film.

Marvel Universe Gigantic Battles Loki

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Thor: The Dark World Series Dark Elves

As someone who must have every army builder I can get my hands on, I was very excited for these Dark Elves from Thor 2.

I must confess, I was so excited for these I couldn't wait for them to drop in price.  None of my stores nearby carry them, so I got a lot of three of them on eBay for next to nothing.  Unfortunately they don't have weapons.

While they aren't accurate, I'm okay with using Star Wars weapons with them.  It works for me.

Marvel Universe Team Pack Heroic Age Avengers Thor

Friday, January 24, 2014

DC Multiverse Wave 1 Arkham Origins Deadshot

I opened my final figure of DC Multiverse Wave 1 figures.  I saved my least favorite for last for some reason.

Deadshot is an okay figure.  I think the other figures in this line got me overly excited for this one.

My first major complaint is that he has no accessories.  I get that he has a gun on his wrist, but come on.  It's Deadshot.  The packaging even shows him holding a gun.

DC Multiverse Wave 1 Arkham City Azrael

DC Multiverse Wave 1 Arkham Origins Bane

Thursday, January 23, 2014

DC Multiverse Wave 1 Arkham City Mr. Freeze

Out of the first wave of DC Multiverse figures, Mr. Freeze was the figure I was definitely second most excited for.

Mr. Freeze comes equipped with his signature freeze ray, and of course is in his suit.

DC Multiverse Wave 1 Arkham City Batman

This particular figure is from the video game Arkham City.  The Batman and Azrael figures from this same wave are also from the same game.

Marvel Universe Wave 2 Hulk
Iron Man Series War Machine
Marvel Universe Comic Pack Wave 13 Wolverine

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

DC Multiverse Wave 1 Arkham City Azrael Figure

I don't know a tremendous amount about Azrael, and I don't think anybody knows much about the Arkham City version.

In the game, this guy is known as the Mysterious Watcher.  He kind of hangs out around Arkham City and watched Batman.

Marvel Universe Soldiers and Henchmen Pack Hand Ninja

Friday, January 10, 2014

DC Multiverse Wave 1 Arkham Origins Bane Figure

While this isn't the preferred version of Bane, I'm pretty happy with it.  If all goes well, maybe we will get a venom filled Bane in the future.

This is the Arkham Origins Bane, definitely could have been worse though.  I mean, at least it's not a Batman and Robin Bane...

Captain America Movie Series Crossbones


Marvel Universe West Coast Avengers Team Pack Hawkeye
Marvel Universe Wave 7 Thor

Incredible Hulk Movie Series Hulkbuster

DC Multiverse Wave 1 Arkham City Batman Figure

Finally!  Since I've been collecting figures in this scale, I've always wanted a decent Batman.  I'm not sure if the figure is as good as I think it is, but I couldn't be happier right now.

It's articulate, durable, the sculpt is great, the paint is great.  It's a perfect figure.

Avengers Movie Black Widow
Marvel Universe Comic Pack Wave 13 Hulk
Marvel Universe Nick Fury

As you can see, this new DC Multiverse toy line seems to fit in with Marvel Universe fairly well.  They might be a little smaller, but I have no complaints.  Many early Marvel Universe figures are very small compared to current figures.