Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Dark Horse Omnibus List

While Dark Horse comics is a much lesser known company than say Marvel or DC, they certainly have some very recognizable characters in their comic series.  While most of these are not original characters, don't expect non-original content.  Each book is well over a couple hundred pages, full color, and extremely cheap by today's standards.  To my knowledge, most of these are still somewhat available.

Anyway, I never could find a definitive list of all these.  I can't imagine anyone collecting them all, but they really are worth the price tag!  Please let me know which ones I have missed in the comments!

1. Indiana Jones

 Indiana Jones is of course the famous explorer, archaeologist, and professor that about everyone knows of. Currently, Dark Horse has two volumes of Indiana Jones Omnibuses, and three Indiana Jones: Further Adventures Omnibuses.

  1. Indiana Jones Omnibus Volume 1
  2. Indiana Jones Omnibus Volume 2
  3. Indiana Jones: Further Adventures Omnibus Volume 1
  4. Indiana Jones: Further Adventures Omnibus Volume 2
  5. Indiana Jones: Further Adventures Omnibus Volume 3

2. Star Wars

Alright, so there are about 1005 of these Star Wars Omnibuses, so hold tight.  (Deep breath).  
  1. X-Wing: Rogue Squadron Volume 1
  2. X-Wing: Rogue Squadron Volume 2
  3. X-Wing Rogue Squadron Volume 3
  4. Tales of the Jedi Volume 1
  5. Tales of the Jedi Volume 2
  6. Droids
  7. Early Victories
  8. Rise of the Sith
  9. A Long Time Ago... Volume 1
  10. A Long Time Ago... Volume 2
  11. A Long Time Ago... Volume 3
  12. A Long Time Ago... Volume 4
  13. A Long Time Ago... Volume 5
  14. At War With the Empire Volume 1
  15. At War With the Empire Volume 2
  16. The Complete Saga: Episodes I though VI
  17. The Other Sons of Tatooine
  18. Droids and Ewoks
  19. Clone Wars Volume 1: The Republic Goes to War
  20. Clone Wars Volume 2: The Enemy On All Sides
  21. Clone Wars Volume 3: The Republic Falls
  22. Infinities
Okay, so not quite 1005, but that's a lot!  I personally can't vouch for any of these, but it's Star Wars, and there has to be a reason they have made so many, right?

3. Aliens

Here we have one of my personal favorites.  From the classic science-fiction film Alien, comes these wonderful books.  Some are based loosely around characters from the movies, but many are original stories in the same universe.  Honestly, I've enjoyed the story in all these more than I have in any Alien movie.
  1. Aliens Omnibus Volume 1
  2. Aliens Omnibus Volume 2
  3. Aliens Omnibus Volume 3
  4. Aliens Omnibus Volume 4
  5. Aliens Omnibus Volume 5
  6. Aliens Omnibus Volume 6
I really can't recommend these enough.

4. Predator

Of course I'm going to list Predator after Aliens, why wouldn't I?  I don't care what all you movie fans say, these two go perfectly together.

Regardless of how well you think they fit in with Xenomorphs, these are wonderful, Alien free, stories about Predators throughout history.
  1. Predator Omnibus Volume 1
  2. Predator Omnibus Volume 2
  3. Predator Omnibus Volume 3
  4. Predator Omnibus Volume 4

5. Aliens VS Predator

This is my personal favorite crossover comics series ever.  While I think the movies may have ruined the idea for many, please give this a try!  The first volume especially is wonderful, but the second one is kind of dull.  Still a good read, just not as good compared to the first one.
  1. Aliens VS Predator Omnibus Volume 1
  2. Aliens VS Predator Omnibus Volume 2

6. The Terminator

More classic action film goodness here!  Both of these books are a lot of fun, but not a while not of depth.  Then again, you are reading a Terminator comic, how much of that do you not want to be explosions?
  1. Terminator Omnibus Volume 1
  2. Terminator Omnibus Volume 2

7. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Now these are definitely only going to apply to fans of the show.  Most of these are considered non-canon, but really a majority of them fit in with the story just fine.  These consist of the comic series that ran alongside the television show, and are shown in more of a chronological order than release order.  Definitely worth checking out to get you caught up to modern Buffy comics.
  1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer Volume 1
  2. Buffy the Vampire Slayer Volume 2
  3. Buffy the Vampire Slayer Volume 3
  4. Buffy the Vampire Slayer Volume 4
  5. Buffy the Vampire Slayer Volume 5
  6. Buffy the Vampire Slayer Volume 6
  7. Buffy the Vampire Slayer Volume 7

8. Angel

Theoretically, if you are a fan of the Buffy comics, you are going to like this.  This pretty much just covers Angel season one, but is a great read for any Angel fan.
  1. Angel Omnibus

9. Dark Horse Heroes

Okay, so it's listed as Volume 1, but I think there is just one volume.  Anyway, haven't read it, no idea what it is.  My guess, it's an omnibus showcasing Dark Horse original heroes, but I don't know.
  1. Dark Horse Heroes Omnibus

10. Ghost

Ghost is about a woman who is, well, a ghost.  The book is about this woman in the afterlife, searching for answers as to what happened.  She's had team up with Hellboy and Batgirl, but unfortunately those aren't here.  Still a good read though!
  1. Ghost Omnibus Volume 1
  2. Ghost Omnibus Volume 2
  3. Ghost Omnibus Volume 3
  4. Ghost Omnibus Volume 4

11. X

X is about a superhero/superguy who kills bad guys!  I always love to see a hero/guy who kills.  I don't know why.
  1. X Omnibus Volume 1
  2. X Omnibus Volume 2

12. Barb Wire

Originally a comic book, this was adapted into a film that probably was more popular than this.  Ew.  Anyway, the series only ran for nine issues and a mini-series, but here it is!  Barb Wire is about a bad-ass chick fighting "tough characters".  I'm not sure I recommend it!
  1. Barb Wire Omnibus

13. The Mask

Finally!  The dozen people that wanted more Mask after the film have somewhere to go besides Son of the Mask!  Honestly, this is much better than the film.  It's dark, gritty, and violent.  I wouldn't even compare it to the film.
  1. The Mask Omnibus Volume 1
  2. The Mask Omnibus Volume 2

So internet, what am I missing?  I would like a complete list, so do tell!


  1. Alien Legion and Nexus are missing, and probably others but IDK.

  2. Resident Evil Omnibus!

  3. You're missing

    Star Wars: Emissaries and Assassins

    Adventures of the Mask

    Star Wars: Menace Revealed

    Alien Legion Volumes 1-2

    Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire

    Star Wars: Boba Fett

    Star Wars: Quinian Vos - Jedi in Darkness

    Age of Reptiles Volume 1

    Criminal Macabre Volumes 1-2 (Volume 3 is forthcoming)

    Rex Mundi Volumes 1-2

    Star Wars: Wild Space Volumes 1-2

    The Adventures of Dr. McNinja

    Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Volumes 1-3

    Star Wars: Dark Times Volumes 1-2

    Star Wars: Adventures

    Ghost Volume 5

    Tarzan (forthcoming)

    Here are some other Omnibuses from Dark Horse that don't have them logo as the others, but still count:

    Too Much Coffee Man

    Jeremiah Volumes 1-3

    Grendel Volumes 1-4

    Nexus Volumes 1-6


    Megatokyo Volume 1

    The Authentic Accounts of Billy the Kid's Old Timey Oddities

    And here are some manga omnibuses from Dark Horse, if you're interested:


    Chobits Volumes 1-2

    Cardcaptor Sakura Books 1-4

    Magic Knight Rayearth


    Trigun Maximum Volumes 1-5

    Angelic Layer Volumes 1-2

    Lone Wolf and Cub Volumes 1-8 (Volume 9 forthcoming)

    Lone Wolf 2100

    Trigun Volume 1

    Samurai Executioner Volumes 1-4

    Legal Drug

    Oh My Goddess! Book 1 (forthcoming)

    The Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service Book 1 (forthcoming)

    Astro Boy Volume 1 (forthcoming)