Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Gears of War Series 1 3.75 Inch Figures

Today I had the pleasure of opening up the new Gears of War 3.75 inch figures.  This is by far my favorite scale of action figures, and these seems to fit in quite well with other figures in this size, be it GI Joe, Stars Wars, Marvel Universe, etc.

These figures are extremely detailed, this pictures don't necessarily do it justice, but they look great.

Apparently this line has variants.  My store had two different Marcus figures, one with red on him and a gold lancer, and a normal one.  I chose red for whatever reason.

 Overall, I like these a lot.  I will definitely be pre-ordering the next series as soon as possible.  Some enemies would be nice, but I have plenty of galactic creatures for them to battle in the mean time.  Action shots coming soon!

Action shots here! Frost giant invasion...

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