Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Toys R Us True Legends Orcs Pack

Today I finally opened my True Legends Orcs pack.  I knew these figures wouldn't be great, but I am pleasantly surprised by them.

Articulation is obviously not great, but for $10, these are great.  They are in perfect scale with all my figures, and I could see myself buying more for this price.  I need an army worthy of Mordor after all.

This set came with four figures and five weapons, plus a baby dragon of some kind.  Not a wonderful assortment, but they are all unique and I wouldn't mind multiples of any of them.

While less detailed, they fit in great with other "fantasy" figures in this scale.  I'll definitely make a huge battle soon.

Finally the Goblin King has some troops!  There is also a set of elves, and then a creatures pack for each. The orc ones comes with an orc and some wargs or something similar.  The elf one comes with some griffins.  I plan on getting them all.


  1. They work rather well, how do the Elves (if you have them) stack up?

    1. I actually don't have any yet. I don't live anywhere near a Toys R Us, so I only get exclusive stuff when I visit big cities.