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Evolution of the Marvel Universe Hulk Figure

Today I'm going to take a look at how Hulk figures have changed in the Marvel Universe line over the years.

First of all, we have the original Marvel Universe Wave 2 Hulk.  This figure is pretty massive for a 4 inch figure, and at one point was my most sought after Marvel Universe figure.

Here's the Classic Avengers Team Pack Hulk.  Included in the very first Marvel Universe Team Pack, this figure is the Hulk in his original Avengers appearance.

Next up in the Marvel Universe Secret Wars Hulk figure.  Hasbro released a number of two packs featuring characters from the classic Secret Wars comic series.

Next is World War Hulk.  This is how Hulk appeared in the Marvel event World War Hulk.  If you didn't know, Hulk returns to Earth after being left on a presumably deserted planet.

The final green Hulk is from Wave 23 or a two pack with Wolverine.  To my knowledge, it is the same figure.  Mine is the Greatest Battles Two Pack Hulk.

The original Hulk figure was simply massive compared to other figures in the line at that point.  Although figures have gotten bigger over the years, Hulk is still quite large.  He can be seen in just about every action figure post on this site.

While obviously not Banner, Red Hulk made his first appearance into this line in Wave 4.  This figure was a repaint of the previous Hulk figure with a new head sculpt and two closed fists.  It worked well, and was among the first few Marvel Universe figures I obtained.

When I first started collecting these figures, the Wave 2 Hulk was pretty hard to come by.  It has since been re-released, so prices have gone down.  I don't regret buying it when I did.

The second Hulk figure was from the Secret Wars comic.  He was packaged with Cyclops.  This specific Cyclops is not the Secret Wars Cyclops, but a repaint of that figure.  It's similar, just lighter blue.

This Hulk figure is a repaint of the previous one, now with a closed hand and new head sculpt.  It's much brighter in color, almost looking radioactive.  It was my go to Hulk for a number of years.

This is World War Hulk.  He comes with a sword, ax, and shield.  This figure was part of Wave 12.

This Hulk is completely new!  He's slightly taller than the previous Hulk figures, but not as wide.  Seems more proportioned.  It's an all-around great figure.

The next Hulk is my least favorite.  I get that is a part of Marvel history, and an accurate representation, but it's not a visually appealing figure.  He was packaged with Iron Man and Thor in their original Avengers outfits.

His sculpt is the same one Juggernaut or many other bigger sized figures in this line.  His head is a unique sculpt.

Another non-Banner Hulk.  Here is Skaar.  Skaar is the son of Hulk and kind of the reason for the whole World War thing.  Read World War Hulk if you haven't.

Skaar is the same sculpt as the Classic Avengers Hulk, but with open hands.  He comes with a unique sword.

Skaar is a pretty solid figure, it took me some time to find him.

This next Hulk has been released twice, once as part of Wave 18 and again in a Greatest Battles pack with Wolverine.

This figure is the same sculpt from World War Hulk with a new head.  Both of his hands are in fists this time around.

He was packaged with a First Appearance Wolverine.

Our next Red Hulk is from a Modern Avengers Team Pack.  This is the same sculpt as World War Hulk and the previous Hulk figure.  It's a good sculpt, and looks good in red too.

He came packaged with Iron Man and Thor in their modern costumes.

Another Hulk was released in Wave 23, this time grey!  Grey Hulk is considered a variant, and is a repaint of the last green Hulk.

Hulk isn't the only figure to originally be a different color (Nick Fury too, ha).

While not exactly part of the Marvel Universe line, Hasbro is now doing a line called the Infinite Series.  In the first wave, we get another Hulk.

This Hulk is the Marvel NOW version, featuring his armor.  It's a pretty decent figure, it will get it's own post soon.

Obviously not a Hulk, but this fits in.  It got it's own post recently found here!  This figure is Tony Stark's Hulk combatant suit from the Iron Man 2 line.  It appears it will be featured in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Another figure that needs mentioning is She Hulk!  She is a great figure, and there's a Red She Hulk coming with the second wave of the Infinite series!

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