Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Marvel Universe Wave 22 Rhino Figure

I'm going to be skipping around a lot over the next few weeks.  I essentially got three waves of Marvel Universe and the first wave of Marvel Infinite figures at once.

While not exactly a Hulk villain, Rhino has had some Hulk encounters.  I decided to include him in Hulk week.

Marvel Universe Hulk Figure

Rhino is an awesome figure!  I actually thought the previous Rhino figure was good, but this is great!

Spider-Man Series Rhino

The first figure was part of the Spider-Man line.  The line wasn't based on any movie or TV series, it was just a Spider-Man line.  It was mostly gimicky figure and repaints of Spider-Man.  There were a few villains in it worth collecting: Venom, Rhino, Carnage, etc.

Iron Man 2 Series Hulkbuster

Gears of War Wave 2 Figures

Marvel Universe Ultimate Gift Set Spider-Man

I'm not sure the figure is a new sculpt, I think it is, but I could be wrong.

Marvel Universe Kraven the Hunter

I'm very happy with this figure, it fits in great with everything else in this line lately.  I might do an article on Marvel Universe's larger sized figures...

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  1. Yeah, this Rhino is completely new horn to toe.