Tuesday, March 3, 2015

DC Multiverse World Builders Wave 1 Batman vs Solomon Grundy

Today I opened my first DC Multiverse World Builder pack.  It included Solomon Grundy and an Arkham City Batman in his Year One costume.

Solomon Grundy towers over Batman just like he does in the game.

I was a little skeptical of the detail on the figure when  I originally saw pictures, but now that I see it in person I'm sold.

DC Multiverse Arkham City Batman

The Batman figure included is the Year One skin, it's very similar to the normal Arkham City Batman, a few slight differences including the Bat logo, color tone, and a cloth cape.

DC Multiverse Arkham Knight Batman

Marvel Infinite Series Hulk

This is a great set, they have released two of these sets, one with Clayface, and a third one featuring Nightwing and Killer Croc.  I sincerely hope they make more of these, maybe even branch out into something that isn't Arkham related.  I would absolutely love a giant-size Bane from Arkham Asylum though.

Iron Man 2 Series Hulkbuster

Marvel Universe Hulk

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