Tuesday, January 28, 2014

DC Injustice: Gods Among Us Superman and Nightwing Figures

I apparently didn't learn my lesson from my previous Injustice figure purchases. They suck.

Today I opened my Injustice: Gods Among Us Superman and Nightwing figures.  They are just like the previous figures I have:

These figures had great potential, they are just extremely cheaply made for their price.

DC Multiverse Wave 1 Arkham City Batman

They fall apart easy, and I'm not saying that they break after some abuse.  My Superman was broken right out of the package.  His leg won't stay on, which is the exact problem my Green Arrow had right out of the package.  My Wonder Woman lost a foot in a similar situation.

Marvel Universe Comic Packs Wave 13 Hulk

They are definitely small, smaller than most figures in this scale.

Marvel Universe Wave 13 Colossus
Colossus towers over Superman, which I'm sure he would be a degree, but he's so tiny.

DC Multiverse Wave 1 Arkham Origins Bane

DC Injustice: Gods Among Us Solomon Grundy

DC Injustice: Gods Among Us Wonder Woman

Marvel Universe Wave 7 Thor

Marvel Universe Soldiers and Henchmen Team Pack Hand Ninja

Marvel Universe Wave 2 Hulk

I wouldn't recommend these figures.  If you really need a Nightwing, maybe, but that is probably the only reason to.  We are getting a DC Multiverse Superman soon, so don't buy it for that!

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  1. Are they still using that awful clear plastic on the joints?

    I have one set, the Grundy is fine but my Wonder Woman had both her shoulder joints break out of package (one was already borked by the looks of it) oh well I just wanted the body for customs.

    1. Yep, some old joints. They fall apart so easy.

      I really love the Grundy figure, mine is very solid. Wonder Woman broke immediately. I did buy a Doomsday and Catwoman pack, hopefully the Doomsday is decent.