Sunday, January 26, 2014

Thor: The Dark World Series Kurse Figure

I can't decide of Kurse should count as an army builder or not.

In Thor: The Dark World, the Dark Elves are transformed into creatures just like this.  This specific guy is a major character, but in the beginning of the film, there are multiple similar creatures.

Thor: The Dark World Series Dark Elf Figure

I'm probably just going to keep it at one.  Three elves plus Kurse makes a pretty decent team.

Marvel Universe Heroic Age Avengers Team Pack Thor

Kurse is about the same height as Thor, which makes sense. He's articulate, but not as articulate as this Marvel Universe Thor or as articulate as the Dark Elves.

The paint is very dark, and I honestly think it looks great.  The sculpt is fantastic as well.  Definitely just like Kurse in the film.

Marvel Universe Gigantic Battles Loki

While his open hand is pretty cool for grabbing things, neither of his hands are fists.  His right hand is similar, but not quite closed.  I bought this one on eBay like I did the Dark Elves, so he may have came with an accessory, but I'm not certain.

Thor Series Volstagg
Thor Series Hogun
Thor Series Fandral 

I like Kurse a lot, and he definitely fits in great with the elves.  Hopefully soon he can take down a battalion of Storm Troopers with the elves at this side.

Marvel Universe Wave 2 Hulk

If Kurse is twice as strong as Thor, does he give Hulk a run for his money?

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  1. Even with less articulation this figure is a must have. I'll have to track down at least one.

    1. Definitely a must have. I can't decide if I want more than one.