Sunday, January 26, 2014

DC Multiverse Wave 1 Recap

DC Multiverse Wave 1 Arkham City Batman

I was so excited when a new 4 inch DC line was announced.  There aren't many lines I have collected from the beginning, but I do plan on getting most, if not all, of these DC Multiverse figures.

GI Joe Retaliation Wave 1 Cyber Ninja
GI Joe Dollar General Storm Shadow

So far there have been five figures.  There are kind of six, as there is a Batman with a different suit, but some places list that as a variant, so I'm not counting it.  Below I've listed each figure with links to their respective posts.
  1. Batman
  2. Bane
  3. Azrael
  4. Mr. Freeze
  5. Deadshot

DC Multiverse Wave 1 Arkham Origins Bane

So far all the figure have good articulation, which is a new thing for DC figures.  Some are certainly better than others, but they are all built well and quite articulate.

Incredible Hulk Series Hulkbuster

I've had no problems with the paint application on any of the figures so far, and none of them have broken or even felt brittle.

Marvel Universe Wave 8 Juggernaut

Size-wise, they fit in well with similar toylines.  Marvel Universe is fairly diverse in height, and these seems slightly smaller, but they work fine.  Bane and Mr. Freeze are huge, Batman and Deadshot are smaller.  It works.

DC Multiverse Wave 1 Arkham City Azrael

So far the figures have all been from the Batman Arkham series video games.  I have no complaints about this.  Batman, Mr. Freeze, and Azrael are all from Arkham City, while Bane and Deadshot are from Arkham Origins.  The next wave seems to be figures from the films Batman Returns and Superman II.  I'm very excited for what this line might have in the future.  Upcoming figures in include Batman Returns Penguin, Batman, and Catwoman, and Superman II General Zod and Superman.  I've seen a Batman Returns Batman without the mask, but I'm not sure if it is a variant or not.

Marvel Universe Wave 2 Hulk

DC Multiverse Wave 1 Arkham City Mr. Freeze

Iron Man 2 Series War Machine

So far there haven't been many accessories, but that isn't always required.  Mr. Freeze includes his freeze ray and Azrael comes with a sword.  Bane and Batman are okay without accessories, but Deadshot could have had a sniper rifle or something.

Star Wars Vintage Series Snowtrooper

DC Multiverse Wave 1 Arkham Origins Deadshot

I really couldn't be happier with this line, and so far I've had luck in finding them cheap, which was never a thing with Marvel Universe figures.

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