Monday, March 3, 2014

Taboo Television: Cartoons With Banned Episodes That Might Surprise You

Now that Pokémon is on Netflix, I was curious to see if any of the banned episodes made the cut.  There are a total of five Pokémon episodes from the Indigo League that, at one point, have been banned from airing in the United States.  Some where permanent bans, other temporarily.  There are a surprising number of banned cartoons for even more surprising reasons.  Here is a list of a few.  Have one I missed?  Please let me know!

Pokémon: Indigo League

Electric Soldier Porygon

The 38th episode in the original Pokémon series was banned from broadcasting in Japan, and subsequently prevented from ever airing in any other country.  There is apparently a scene where Pikachu thunderbolts some missiles, resulting in some very intense flashing blue and red lights.  The episode caused headaches, seizures, nausea, and numerous other ailments.  According to the voice of Meowth in the American dubbed version, there was an American version created, but after Japan banned the episode, it too was banned.

 Warning, the below video is known to cause seizures.

Beauty and the Beach

The 18th episode in the series was removed from airing in the United States initially, and re one time as a "lost episode special".  In this episode, a few female characters enter a beauty pageant.  James, of Team Rocket, wears a suit with inflatable breasts.  James tell Misty maybe someday she will have a chest like his!  There is also a scene where an old man is attracted to Misty in her bikini.

The Legend of Dratini

The 35th episode of the series was also banned from playing in the United States.  In this episode,  a character kind of jokingly aims a gun at Ash.  It has been banned in every country but Japan.

Tentacool and Tentacruel

 After 9/11 a couple different TV series had to change their rotations. In this episode, there is a character that uses military weapons as Tentacruel attacks a city.  There's a shot of Tentracruel attacking a building, which is probably the real reason this episode was banned, yet there is a clip of this episode in the opening that still remains.  This episode was banned again after Hurricane Katrina.

The Tower of Terror

This one just seem silly, but I guess they all do.  The 23rd episode in the series was temporarily removed around 9/11 because it features some ghost Pokemon scaring people in a tower...


The final episode, number 65, of Talespin was for having terrorists in it.  The main character, Baloo, is tasked with delivery a package to some government official, but the package is actually a bomb.

I tried to upload the episode, but it was removed before I could even copy and paste the link here.  Disney doesn't want it going out.


In the eighth episodes of Gargoyles, one of the Gargoyles, Broadway, is playing around with their cop buddy's (Elisa) gun and accidentally shoots her.

Ren and Stimpy

So Ren and Stimpy is pretty intense.  To be clear, there are really two Ren and Stimpy series, there was the original series on Nickelodeon, then Ren and Stimpy Adult Party Cartoon, that included the banned episode.  In this episode, Ren beats the crap out of his owner.  This was deemed far to violent as he was beating a human instead of himself of Stimpy.

Tiny Toons

A segment of the show Tiny Toons features three of the main characters drinking a beer in the park, the proceeding the drunkenly walk around town, generally acting homeless and hitting on women.  This is the first one I've came across on my search for banned cartoons that actually shocked me that is was made.

Cow and Chicken

There is a Cow and Chicken episode titled "Buffalo Gals" that features absolutely blatant sexual jokes.  In this episode, Buffalo Gals are a rough gang of biker women that break into houses to chew on some carpet.  Not joke.  It continues to have Buffalo Gals having conversations about who is "pitching" or "catching".

A separate banned episode of Cow and Chicken features Chicken being sent to hell for wanting a cigarette.

Here is a compilation video of a few Cartoon Network banned episodes mentioned below.

Dexter's Laboratory

There is an episode of Dexter's Laboratory that also features alcohol, then vomiting from consuming it.  Then the Silver Spoon (Silver Surfer) appears and is just gay as can be.  Video is posted above with the Cow and Chicken clips.

Powerpuff Girls

There was a Powerpuff Girls musical episode that allegedly aired one.  It features some communism vs capitalism themes and apparently was too controversial.

Fairly Odd Parents

There is one episode of Fairly Odd Parents that is actually two segments, as most are, but it appears to episode is banned because of both of them.  The first segment is titled "Hail to the Chief" and apparently makes a little mockery of the presidency and the secret service.  No big deal.  The second segment is called "Twistory", features Timmy writing a report so he wishes American leaders from the colonial times to his room.  It allegedly depicts British people negatively.


The police officer cat Bonkers even has two banned episodes.  "Fall Apart Bomb Squad" and "New Partners on the Block" episodes are both banned for involving terrorism and bombing.  They were banned after the Oklahoma City bombing.

Pepper Ann

The show Pepper Ann had an episode titled "In Support Of"that consists of Pepper Ann deciding if she needs a sports bra for trampoline lessons.

The Mask

The Fox Family adaption of the Mask featured an episode where a mayor's ex-girlfriend threatens suicide with bombs strapped to her chest.  Yep.

Buzz Lightyear of Star Command

More or less, this episode of Buzz Lightyear involved some people going through radiation, but it was just a metaphor for controlled substances.  Characters even have withdrawals.

Rocko's Modern Life

Someone there is only one episode of Rocko's Modern Life banned.  Somehow, an episode with Rocko as an adult phone chat employee is fine, but oh well.  This particular episode is titled "Leap Frogs" and features the next door neighbor trying to seduce Rocko while her husband is gone.

I'm sure there are plenty more, and I would love to hear about them!  Please let me know!


  1. thanks for this article. very cool.

  2. Hey awesome post! :D Some of these seem a bit farfetched to be banned, but meh.
    Anyways I remember reading up about a TMNT circa 2003 episode that was banned for being too gory; "Insane in The Membrane" featuring the unlucky Dr. Baxter Stockman