Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Iron Man 2 Hulkbuster Figure Review

Since the concept images of Avengers 2 just came out, I figured I would pull this old figure out!

Here we have the Iron Man 2 Hulkbuster figure!

Marvel Universe Comic Pack Wave 13 Hulk

This toy line was quite successful, which let to a whole bunch of figures that are from the comics.

There are a large number of Iron Man suits from this line that don't appear in any of the movies, along with plenty of villains we haven't seen either.

Marvel Universe Modern Age Avengers Team Pack Iron Man

He's a great deal bigger than your average Iron Man figure, as he should be.

Marvel Universe Modern Age Avengers Team Pack Thor

Typically, the Hulkbuster is larger than Hulk, but it still works.

Marvel Universe Wave 4 Red Hulk

Marvel Universe Wave 8 Juggernaut

Marvel Universe Wave 2 Hulk

Overall, still a great figure.  I'm hoping we'll get a movie line with Avengers 2 that isn't awful.  The first movie had an okay line, Iron Man 3 had an unforgivable line, but Thor's toy line is pretty decent.  I can dream.

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