Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Robot Chicken, and more Adult Swim now on Netflix!

Finally!  Since I got Netflix a few years back, I have been patiently waiting for some Adult Swim.  Literally the only thing I miss about cable is Adult Swim and its mid commercial break messages.  While this doesn't exactly fill that gap, I've still got a bunch of shows to watch again!

Aqua Teen Hunger Force (1 Season)

Frylock, Master Shake, and Meatwad are finally here.  While only the first season, it's nice to relive it.  I forgot they actually tried to have them be detective for a few episodes.  Ha.  Also the narrations are hilarious and seem so out of place now!  Even if you have seen this season in the past, watch it again.  It's great.

Robot Chicken (1 Season)

In case you didn't know, this show is a critically acclaimed stop-go animation show.  While most of the show is done with eighties action figures, some of it is custom clay-mation among other things.  The show consists of poop joke and eighties movie and TV references at first, but it really has a deeper, more intelligent blend of humor once you really start paying attention.  The detail that goes into this show is unbelievable.

Squidbillies (2 Seasons)

This show is well, different.  As the title kind of implies, this show is about squids who are hillbillies.  Their daily life consists of chewing tobacco, making moonshine, hunting, and getting out of trouble with the local police.  It so very strange, and sometimes honestly too much for me, but I haven't seen at episode that didn't make me laugh.

Delocated (1 Season)

Delocated follows a family who head testified against a mobster of some kind, so they are under the witness protection program.  It kind of has an Office or Parks and Recreation feel to it, as it mocks the documentary style and tries to play it off as real.  The second season is probably better, but you would need to see the first anyway, so why not?

Childrens Hospital (2 Seasons)

This show is a spoof of any medical related show in the last few decades.  Not saying it is better, but as far as  parodies go, it blows Scrubs out of the water.  I guess it could be argued that Scrubs isn't a parody at all, but that's your own opinion to make.  The show is offensive, but there's nothing wrong with that.

The Boondocks (1 Season)

The Boondocks is a unique show.  As a white male, I sometimes feel bad for enjoying it so much, but it really has very great satire and wonderful writing.  It started as a comic strip, but eventually make it to television; some of the comic influences still show up though.  Every episode has intense racial slurs and stereotyping, but there really is a good message here.  The show has great characters, great humor, and wonderful stylized action sequences.  It's all around great and hope the other two seasons make it on here soon.

The Venture Bros. (1 Season)

This show is essentially one big homage to Johnny Quest.  It stars super heroes, super geniuses, and super villains.  It is an action packed crazy fest.  If you were never a big Johnny Quest fan, don't stress, this show is still great without any Quest knowledge.

Metalocalypse (1 Season)

This show is as intense as it gets.  The show is about a metal band that is so popular, it is considered it's own economy.  Every episode revolves around going somewhere and causing disaster somehow.  It is a very graphic show, in language and violence.  There is a group of leaders trying to destroy, so most episodes these people send something or someone at them, and they kind of stop it.  Episodes also end with a crazy metal song and usually images of most the characters dying somehow.  Worth checking out for any metal fan for sure.

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