Thursday, April 11, 2013

Catalog of the Cage: Raising Arizona

Once a week, I'm going to watch a Nicolas Cage movie.  Here I'm going to list my thoughts and why you are everyone you know should watch it immediately.  This weeks offering to the great and all mighty Cage is Raising Arizona.

From the cover, I could tell this movie was going to be gold.  I'm not too far into the movie at this point, but so far it is about a man who falls in love with  police officer in charge of taking the mugshots and fingerprints. Cage is arrested on a regular basis so he knows her quite well.  They become married and can't have children, and due to numerous arrests, they aren't able to adopt.

They happily married couple finds out there was a couple that had quintuplets.  They are upset that someone could get so much when they have so little.  The couple decides they are going to kidnap one of the children and take it for their own.

Cage has this wonderful accent the entire movie.  I truly felt blessed while listening.

It also takes about two minutes and forty seconds for the Cage to "lose his shit".  It's not very extreme, but it's a start.

The film is directed, written, and produced by the Coen Brothers.  It stars Nicolas Cage, Holly Hunter, and John Goodman.  I personally thought this actually a very well done movie, in all aspects.  Cage was over the top, but that is expected and worked well here.  They storyline is a little crazy, but it works well.  I would highly recommend watching it.

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