Thursday, April 4, 2013

Why You Should Try Castle Crashers

Castle Crashers is a two dimensional "hack 'n slash"/beat 'em up.  It has four player online and local co-op.  The game is very well received and most of you have probably played it by now, but for those of you that haven't you should really consider doing so.

The plot of the game is simple, you are a knight in a medieval land.  Your kingdom is attacked, and your multi-ethnic princesses are stolen.  You are three other knights are sent on a quest to retrieve them!

The art style is fairly unique and should remind some of your of a certain website from your childhood.  The creators of this game are creators of Newgrounds, while I don't think Newgrounds is as popular now as it was, it certainly was a major internet player in childhood.

The game is very straight forward, but not exactly easy.  The gameplay itself is very easy to pick up, you have two sword attacks, a bow, and a couple magic attacks per character.  As you do damage to enemies, you gain experience and get the chance to level up one of four stats: attack, defense, magic, and agility.  Upgrading really does have a major effect on the difficulty of the game.  Honestly, there are times I get overwhelmed and have to try a level many more times than one.

The game is very humorous for not having any real dialogue.  The story is all advanced through actions.  The humor is very crude, poop jokes, that kind of thing, but it definitely reminds me of Newgrounds from years ago.  That's not a bad thing.  The boss fights are unique and entertaining.  For example, you fight a giant cat in a river, it's called the Cat-Fish.  Get it?  Get it, like the cat is a fish?  Ha.  I need an eel picture here.

The game has plenty of unlockables and plenty of reasons to play through levels more than once.  The game is definitely better with friends, but isn't a bad experience by yourself.  I highly recommend this to anyone, it has been on sale before for 400 points, but it is still worth the full 800 either way on the Xbox Marketplace.  I have enjoyed it more hours than many AAA titles I buy for a lot more than that.

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