Tuesday, March 3, 2015

DC Multiverse World Builders Wave 1 Batman vs Clayface

On to the second DC Multiverse World Builder, this time it's Batman and Clayface!

The costume this time is the 1970s Batman costume.  I've never been a huge fan of the blue, but it looks good nonetheless.

DC Multiverse Arkham City Solomon Grundy

The Clayface figure is the same scaling as Solomon Grundy.

DC Multiverse Arkham City Year One Batman

"Next, I will become YOU, Batman!"

I'm very happy with this figure as well.  He included a different "hand" that's kind of in the shape of a hammer, but I honestly feel like I'm going to break the figure if I pull the hands off.

This sword is not included, it's the Master Sword included with the World of Nintendo Link figure.

Marvel Universe Yellowjacket

Marvel Legends Yellowjacket

Marvel Universe Hulk

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