Sunday, March 1, 2015

DC Multiverse Wave 3 Arkham Knight Scarecrow

Marvel Universe Hydra Soldier

The DC Multiverse Wave 3 Arkham Knight Scarecrow is definitely one of my most awaited figures.

He is very detailed, though not particularly articulate, but it does enough.

DC Multiverse Arkham Knight Batman

DC Multiverse Arkham City Mr. Freeze
DC Multiverse Batman Returns (1992) Peguin
DC Multiverse Arkham Origins Bane
DC Multiverse Batman Returns (1992) Catwoman
DC Multiverse Arkham Origins Deadshot
DC Multiverse Arkham City Two-Face

DC Universe Killer Croc

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  1. Whats that playset/diorama theyre posed in? Super cool!

  2. Yes! I have the same question. Great blog by the way. I'm really liking your reviews!