Monday, February 10, 2014

Thor Series Heimdall

After years of thinking it would never happen, I finally got my hands on Heimdall.  I'm a litter underwhelmed.

He's a pretty okay figure.  Heimdall's sculpt is great, but that's about it.

Thor Series Frost Giant 

Articulation is pretty standard for this line.  I would have loved some wrist movement, but I can dream.

Thor Series Fandral
Thor Series Volstagg
Thor Series Hogun
Marvel Universe Wave 7 Thor

Heimdall comes with his sword, which appears to be a unique item.

Marvel Universe Wave 18 Beta Ray Bill

Avengers Series Loki

Marvel Universe Wave 2 Hulk

I'm happy with finally getting this guy.  It could be way better, but it's fairly on par with other figures from this line.  I think I got myself a little over excited for it, but it's Heimdall is still good!

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