Friday, February 21, 2014

Star Wars Black Series Wave 1 Episode II Clone Sergeant

My second Star Wars Black Figure is the Episode II Clone Sergeant.  While I definitely like this figures, and love army builders, I wasn't initially sure we needed another Clone Trooper.

Turns out I have no problem with it at all!  I really like this figure, though it really isn't anything new.  There's a chance there hasn't been a Clone Trooper released with this color, but it probably has.

Star Wars Super Battle Droid

This figure includes a laser pistol and laser rifle.  Both fit in his hands quite easily.

Star Wars Jango Fett

The Clone Sergeant's helmet can be removed to show his generic clone face.  The likeness is good, the sculpt and paint are both great.

Terminator Salvation T-800

Star Wars Black Series Wave 1 Padme Amidala

The first three figures in this wave all seem to be from Episode II, specifically the Genoshia battle.  I hope they continue with this theme, I like themed waves.

I like this figure, I don't have any complaints.  It's pretty generic, and seems just like any Vintage Line Clone Trooper, but I will keep buying them if Hasbro keeps making them.

Marvel Universe Wave 2 Hulk

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