Sunday, August 4, 2013

Hobbit Wave 2 3.75 inch Figure Images

I know this is fairly old news, but I just got around to really looking into it.  One of my favorite toy lines in a long time was The Hobbit.  I bought the entire first wave except Grinnah for whatever reason, but I have loved all of them!

I sadly haven't seen the movie yet.  When it came out, I wanted to see it in the higher frame rate, and I never got around to making the trip to a theatre that had it.  Now, I feel I have waited long enough that I might as well wait for the extended cut on Blu-Ray.

The next wave apparently gives us the rest of the dwarves.  This is fairly impressive considering how many there are!  Unfortunately, from what I'm reading, if you had the first wave you are going to have some double if you want them all.

Apparently, the new single figure assortments include Radagast, Thranduil, Azog, Beorn, and another Gandalf.  In addition, there will be some box sets with multiple figures.  One of these includes Nori, Ori, Dori, Gloin, and Thorin (pictures above).  Four new dwarves, and one I already have.  Not the end of the world, but was it necessary to put him in there?

There is also a Mirkwood pack including Legolas, Tauriel, Thranduil, Fili, and Kili.  Since Thanduil is apparently available in a single carded version, I should be able to pass on this considering I have all the others already.

The final box set includes Invisible Bilbo, Bifur, Bombur, and Oin.  This isn't horrible, but I really don't have a need for an invisible Bilbo.  I know many people do, so it is far better than another regular Bilbo.

I'm always looking for new fantasy figures in this scale, and I assume these will fit in just like like wave 1 did.


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  1. More tunics and beards!

    Still hoping they get to make a large Smaug full of articulation.