Sunday, August 25, 2013

Playstation Classics - Tony Hawk Pro Skater

Here we have one of my all-time favorite games.  Honestly, Mega Man X4 gave me a little frustration, and I knew this game would be pure joy.

If you have never played a Tony Hawk game before, you essentially just skate around doing crazy tricks and scoring points.

Each level places you in some location with skate ramps conveniently placed all over.  You are given five objectives to complete.  When you complete an objective, you received a tape.  Each level has two tapes for points, one for collecting letters to spell "skate", one is obtained from destroying various items, and the final one is a tape hidden somewhere in the level.

Some of the tapes can be difficult to obtain, but I have played this game so many times, it went quickly.

Overall, this game was a great blast from the past.  I have played newer Tony Hawk games more recently, but I forgot how different this one was.  No manualling!  This game still has my favorite non-original soundtrack of all time though, and it was amazing how many songs I could remember word for word.

Next up, Medievil!


  1. I remember playing the demo so much, then the retail game, same with 2 and I think my last Tony Hawk was 3 on the PS3. I think it peaked then.

    Sadly the HD remake they put up had like a 50second demo before it cut out... so I didn't even bother after that.

    1. I was considering the HD remake, even with the bad reviews. Then I found out they changed the music, and I couldn't justify it.