Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Thor Movie Series Fandral

In honor of Thor opening last weekend, I finally opened up Fandral the Dashing.

He is not the best figure, but he is pretty good for a movie line.

Thor Series Frost Giant

Pirates of the Caribbean Blackbeard

Thor Series Volstagg
Thor Series Hogun

For some unknown reason Fandral has always been my favorite of the Warriors Three.  I do love them all though.  Unfortunately, I do not have Sif, and I don't think it's likely I will find her.

This is not the weapon that comes with Hogun, I kind of don't like the one that did and I couldn't find a suitable mace, so he has an ax for this adventure.

Marvel Universe Heroic Age Avengers Team Pack Thor

Marvel Universe Wave 18 Kraven the Hunter 

Fandral is kind of small, but all movie lines tend to be slightly smaller than the Marvel Universe line.

Marvel Universe Wave 1 Hulk

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