Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Gears of War Series 2 3.75 Inch Figures

After moving and a few weeks without internet, I'm finally back to making posts!

Tonight, I opened my Gears of War Series 2 figures.  I had the option of buying all three figures, but didn't want to dish out another $10 for another Marcus.

Marcus was available in wave 1, in two versions, so I'm not I need another.

Here are some pictures of Wave 1 figures.

These are more of less the same as the last figures.  One of the weapons are the same, the new one is a shotgun of some kind.

Gears of War Series 1 Figures

Spider-Man Line Lizard

Marvel Universe Skrull

Assorted Clone Troopers

Clone Wars Plo Kloon

Overall, I like the first wave, so I decided I needed the second one too.  Again, I would prefer some kind of enemy, but I'm liking them either way.

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