Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Marvel Universe West Coast Avengers Team Pack

I've had this for months, I just never really had the urge to open it.

This pack includes War Machine, Hawkeye, and Mockingbird.

Mockingbird is the only exclusive figure to this pack, so I'm assuming she may be the only version for somebody buying this.

However, Hawkeye is a hard to find figure.  He's been released a few times, but for some reason isn't common.  He had a release in a Secret Wars pack and as an Avengers pack when the movie came out.

This is my fourth War Machine figure, but now my favorite.

I absolutely love the missile and gunfire accessories that come with this War Machine.

Iron Man 2 Series Hammertech Drone

Iron Man 2 Series War Machine

This exact sculpt was previously released in the Iron Man 2 line.  The figure is repainted and more gross than matte.

Marvel Universe Comic Pack Wave 3 Hawkeye

This figure is the same sculpt as the previous Hawkeye figures, but is painted slightly darker and now has a t-shirt instead of a tank top apparently.

The Hobbit Wave 1 Legolas
The Hobbit Wave 1 Fili

Thor Series Frost Giant

Avengers Movie Series Hawkeye

I suppose having this figure makes the pack worth it.  I wasn't specifically needing a Mockingbird figure, but it certainly doesn't hurt.  I need a SHIELD team anyway.

Marvel Universe Comic Pack Wave 10 Daredevil

Mockingbird comes with the same accessory as Daredevil, but white.

Marvel Universe Fantastic Four Team Pack Invisible Woman
Marvel Universe Wave 3 Ms. Marvel (Karla Sofen)

She has the same old female Marvel Universe sculpt, but it works.

Marvel Universe Comic Pack Wave 10 Quicksilver
Marvel Universe Comic Pack Wave 10 Wonder Man
Marvel Universe Wave 4 Moon Knight

West Coast Avengers assemble!

Marvel Legends Yellowjacket

Marvel Universe Wave 2 Hulk

Overall, this pack is probably worth it if you want all the figures.  Furthermore, anyone who collects exclusively Marvel Universe figures, this is their first chance to get War Machine.  They are all pretty solid figures.

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