Friday, September 6, 2013

New DC Multiverse 4 Inch Toyline Announced

Mattel has announced a 1:18 scale toyline which claims to cover the DC multiverse.  So far, it appears to be a Batman line, but there's nothing wrong with that in my eyes.

There's a complete photo gallery of the 4 and 6 inch figures over at Toy Ark.  All my images of the new toyline came from the following post.  Thanks!

Apparently this line will covers comics, movies, and video games.  The first wave appears to just have Arkham City and Arkham Origins figures.  So far they are promising 18 figures total, spread over three waves, and they will be released this Spring.

Arkham City Batman

Finally a Batman in this scale.  I was hoping for one in the DC Injustice line, but this is so much better.

Arkham City Armored Edition Batman

I actually prefer this figure to the regular Arkham City Batman.

Arkham City Mr. Freeze

I don't collect six inch figures, but I've been tempted many times to buy the six inch version of this figure.

Arkham Origins Bane

A decent Bane for this scale.  Way better than those Dark Knight Rises figures.

Arkham Origins Deadshot

I'm not particularly super excited for this figure.  I'll get it as long as it has some or at least one decent accessory.

Arkham City Azrael

This figure is just awesome.  It kind of reminds me of the Assassin's Creed toyline, but that's fine.  It's a definite buy.

As many of you probably know, this isn't the first DC 4 inch line.  There's been quite a few.  More on that in my next post!

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