Thursday, December 18, 2014

DC Multiverse Wave 2 Batman Returns (1992) Catwoman Figure

Unfortunately opened this figure's bad.

Without even touching the figure, you can tell the Batman Returns Catwoman figure is truly terrible.

DC Multiverse Batman Returns (1992) Penguin

I'm totally glad that I had the opportunity to get this figure, both villains from my favorite Batman film is awesome, I just wish Catwoman was better.  Look at that waist?...

DC Multiverse Batman (1989) Batman

Catwoman comes with a whip, which is nice, but she has trouble standing with it.  Hell, she has trouble standing without it too.

This figure is bad, it's really bad.  Won't pose naturally, won't stand, just looks awful.  I hope this isn't a precedent for female figures in the DC Multiverse line.......................................

Marvel Universe Hulk

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