Saturday, December 20, 2014

DC Multiverse Wave 3 Arkham Knivght Two-Face

I'm so excited that this figure exists.  Two-Face has always been one of my favorite characters, especially the "Arkham-verse" one.  I'd be okay with a Tommy Lee Jones Two-Face, but this is preferred.

Marvel Universe Hydra Soldier

Two-Face unfortunately does not include an accessories.  His hand has a coin sculpted to it, but that's it.

Looks great with a tommy gun though, then again, what Batman villain doesn't?

DC Multiverse Arkham City Armored Edition Batman

DC Multiverse Arkham City Mr. Freeze

Marvel Universe Hulk

I really like this figure, this is my first wave 3 figure I've opened and it's definitely better than any of the wave 2 figures (not that they were bad).

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