Friday, May 9, 2014

Agent Carter and Where it can all effect the Marvel Universe


ABC announced today that Agent Carter has been picked up for a full series of episodes. Agent Carter is the love interest, and all around bad ass British spy, from Captain America: The First Avenger.  She was also the star of a Marvel One Shot that focused on the after math of WWII, the defeat of HYDRA, and the apparent death of  Captain America.  From this we know the environment and time period that Agent Carter will be taking place in. Agent Carter, the show, is set to take place in the middle of the events of the Marvel One Shot and possibly a little after.  We will be able to see more of what Peggy Carter went through while dealing with Captain America's "death" and her role in the foundation of SHIELD. 

From the revelations of the events in The Winter Soldier we learn that HYDRA began to inseminate within SHIELD from the very outset. While we know that HYDRA cannot out itself as being present this could lead to some interesting intrigue and show clues as to how it spread.  The possibilities of it connecting in with AIM are there (all credit goes to IGN for pointing this one out) because even though in the Marvel Cinematic Universe AIM wasn't founded until the present day, they were formerly known as THEM.  One could also hope that the Howling Commandos will be featured in the show as well.  The idea of having Howard Stark around would be nice as well.  The ability to get more insight into the man that raised Tony Stark would be interesting.  The likely hood that they could get Tommy Lee Jones involved in the show seems unlikely, but it would be exciting to see more of his character on the show.  

The show is set to air during the mid-season break of Marvel's Agent of SHIELD, which means that along side Agents of SHIELD it will be the only thing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to be released post Guardians of The Galaxy.  With the reveal of Barron von Strucker at the end of Winter Soldier it stands to reason to wonder if they are going to give him the same treatment as AIM or if they will somehow have had him in survive since WWII.  If they go with the latter option this would make for a perfect villain for Marvel's Agent Carter. It would work as great build up to Avengers: Age of Ultron.  If done properly, which so far I have no reason to believe that Marvel isn't capable of doing so, Agent of Carter could work as an on going series that works to bring us the critical background information from SHIELD's past that would other wise be to hard to fit into other Marvel films.  On a final note, if Agent Carter turns out to be successful, this could spell out good things for future Marvel films with female leads.  

Those are my first thoughts on the newest project from Marvel.  If you have anything to add, correct, or contribute please comment below!

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