Saturday, March 30, 2013

Is AMC Theatres Having an Iron Man Marathon?

Last May, AMC Theatres hosted an "Ultimate Marvel Movie Marathon".  It consisted of Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man 2, Thor, Captain America, and finished off with the midnight release of The Avengers.  Each film had a special introduction from Phil Coulson himself.  The marathon started at eleven in the morning, and didn't rap up until about two-thirty the next morning.  It was so much fun.  I've never been to a comic convention or anything like that, so it was nice to see people in cosplay.  The sold out audience was filled with Thors, Iron Mans, Tony Starks, and even a few Hawkeyes!

AMC did this again for The Dark Knight trilogy when The Dark Knight Rises came out.  So what about Iron Man?  Sure, I had scene all the Marvel Universe movies plenty of times, but to watch them all on the big screen again, all of them just building up to a finale like the Avengers, it was a great experience.  I would love to do it again with Iron Man.  But, being as the movie comes out in about a month, I would assume they are not doing one...

In fact, I have been told they are!  I don't have sources, but I have definitely been assured they will be doing a marathon.  I would love to see Tony Stark's journey from a playboy to hero all in a row.  Why not just watch at home?  I like being in a theatre, even if it is super overpriced.  I like giving something my full attention.  At home, I'm texting, cleaning, reading, or doing a long list of things while watching a movie.  Rarely does television or movies get my full attention at home.  I would also love to see the evolution of the Iron Man armor throughout the series!

Next question, should it include Avengers?  While a major part of the movie, it clearly wasn't solely about Iron Man.  If anything, it felt more like Thor 2 than an Iron Man movie, not that that is a bad thing.  I think Pepper Pott's brief scenes in Avengers develop her relationship with Tony more than both the first two Iron Man movies do, combined.  In my opinion, I would say Avengers would be an integral part of an Iron Man marathon, even if just for his armor upgrades and the fact that he literally goes on what he thinks is a suicide run to save New York.  I have been assured that Avengers will be a part of the trilogy.

Anyone, stay tuned to the internet for information once they go public...I hope I haven't been lied to!

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