Saturday, March 30, 2013

Playstation Classics - Mega Man X4!

Today I have successfully completed Mega Man X4!

I have to come forth first though, I only beat the game with Mega Man X, but I didn't even try with Zero.  So technically, I only finished half the game.  Maybe I'll return to it someday and finish it with Zero.

I have been a Mega Man X fan since I got the first one on the SNES, and this plays very similar to that title.

It isn't a bad thing that this games plays exactly like the other ones, in fact, I think it's great.  I always avoided newer Mega Man games because I thought they were 3D, and I didn't want a 3D Mega Man X game.  I should have looked into it, because this game was great!

If you haven't played a Mega Man X game before, let me give you a brief rundown.  Basically, there are numerous, animal-themed robots that you must destroy.  Each robot has a themed level to go along with it.  At the end of the level you face the boss, and after killing him you receive a power from him.

As the game progresses, you gain multiple new abilities.  There always seems to be a correct order to beat the bosses in, because each boss has a weakness that is obtained from another boss.

These new anime themed cutscenes were not in previous installments, and it's kind of a nice addition.  It adds a lot to the story that text cannot.

Overall, it really was a great game.  It was short even though it took me a month to complete.  It is definitely very challenging at times, and frustrated me quite a bit, but it was worth playing.  Next up, Tony Hawk Pro Skater...

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