Saturday, March 30, 2013

Marvel Select Example Pictures

Obviously these figures are nothing compared to Hot Toys, but for 10% of the price, they will do just fine for me.  Some of the older figures are quite in articulate, and are essentially statues.  Newer figures, pictured below besides Mephisto, are quite a bit better!

Movie Captain America

Movie Iron Man

Movie Red Skull

This turned out much more lopsided that I planned.

Mask can be removed to see Tony Stark in his film likeness.

They typically come with accessories you would assume people would.  Cap has his shield and a gun, Red Skull has a gun.  Iron Man came with exchangeable hands, so he can have a fist of blaster in each hand or both.  These figures really stand out (ha) with their stands.  All the figures come with some kind of themed stand.  The examples I have shown aren't exactly great...but some of them really are!  Magneto comes with ruins of the Xavier Mansion to stand on, things like that.

As you can see, these figures are about six to seven inches compared to this Marvel Universe Thor figure.  This line, for the most part, keeps scaling pretty good.  The Hulk figures can be almost ten inches tall!  They are huge!  I wouldn't recommend this line as a replacement for Hot Toys, but they are usually better than Marvel Legends, even though they retail for about $20.  They are bought exclusively at comic shops and online retailers, but Amazon has most of them for reasonable prices.  Enjoy!

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