Friday, March 29, 2013

Welcome to the Mojoverse!


In the past, I have created three blogs, one about PSX games, one about toy reviews, and another one about movies.  I constantly want to make posts, but it might be about something that is not exactly related to any of them, so I thought, why not combine video games, toys, movies, and anything else that might be going through my head all into one place.  Admittedly, it's going to get weird, so the only title I could think of that could possibly describe this collection of thoughts is the Mojoverse.

For those of you who are not aware, the Mojoverse is a dimension where television pretty much runs the world.  It is the homeland of Mojo.  This is Mojo.

Mojo is an X-Men villain.  Typically, he somehow teleports the X-Men into his universe, and then uses them in his gladiator-esque television programs.  In most cases, the X-Men are forced to fight someone that seems impossible to beat, because people like underdogs.  Overall, it's just a crazy, sometimes random place.  It seems to be a fitting name.  For more on Mojo, check out his episode of the '90s X-Men Animated Series.

'90s Animated Mojoverse!

The same episode, and every other from this wonderful series, is also available on Netflix.  It's season 2, episode 11.

Overall, this blog is going to be about comics, games, movies, toys, Heroclix, and pretty much anything pop culture related.  It's definitely going to have some random posts as well.  I'm not expecting anyone to read anything I post, but it gives me something to do!  I hope to do a post daily, about anything I can think of.  Enjoy internets.

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