Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Marvel Universe Future Foundation Team Pack

I have had this since it was released, but I finally opened it today!

Honestly, I didn't find it all that appealing.  I'm not a huge Fantastic Four fan, and even less of a Future Foundation fan.  It seemed silly to buy both team packs, but I did anyway!

Marvel Universe Fantastic Four Team Pack Invisible Woman,
Mr. Fantastic, and the Thing

For those who do not know, the Future Foundation Team Pack is a variant of the Fantastic Four Team Pack.  It is just repaints in white instead of blue.

However, the Thing's legs and feet and different to make up for his pants.

Marvel Universe Secret Wars Thing

This is my third Thing figure, and probably my favorite.  They aren't really much different though.

Marvel Universe Greatest Battles Juggernaut

Marvel Universe Secret Wars Dr. Doom

Marvel Universe Secret Wars Human Torch

I really wish I had a better Human Torch.  This one isn't bad, but I feel like the other ones available are worlds better.  They are just too expensive for a character I don't have much interest in.

Marvel Universe Wave 8 AIM Soldier

This is my best picture with Mr. and Mrs. Fantastic.

Marvel Universe Greatest Battles Dr. Doom

Marvel Universe Wave 2 Hulk

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