Monday, June 3, 2013

Marvel Universe Wave 18 Kraven the Hunter Figure

Today I opened up Kraven the Hunter!

I am impressed!  I was expecting this guy to be pretty good, but this one is awesome.  In my top five Marvel Universe figures.  The detail and articulation are wonderful.  Exactly what I expected!

Giant Size X-Men Wolverine

Wolverine is enough of a beast for Kraven to hunt, right?

Even though Wolverine is a small figure, Kraven still seems a little large.  In fact, I think Marvel Universe figures in general are getting bigger.

Marvel Universe SHIELD Agent

Marvel Universe Red Hand Ninja and Black Hand Ninja

Why are there ninjas after Kraven?  Maybe he is hunting a stereotypical ninja animal.  Maybe it just seemed like fun.

Marvel Universe Electro, Spider-Man Doc Ock,
Marvel Universe Venom, Spider-Man Carnage
Spider-Man Lizard, Spider-Man Shocker

I'm not sure who authorized this team, but it's not going to be good for Spider-Man.

Marvel Universe Black Suit Spider-Man

Marvel Universe Scarlet Spider

Kraven is in disbelief as he wonders how Spider-Man has reproduced.

Injustice: Gods Among Us Solomon Grundy

Marvel Universe Drax the Destroyer

As you can see, Kraven's blade is the same as Drax's, but that is okay with me!

Marvel Universe Hulk

Of course, the most important thing about a figure is whether or not Hulk can hold him.  He can, but it is a bit of a stretch.  He doesn't fit comfortably.  A massive let down, and I recommend you don't buy this figure if you plan to display it in Hulk's hand.

Marvel Universe Beast

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