Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Marvel Universe Wave 19 She-Hulk Figure

Here is a figure I know practically nothing about!  It's She-Hulk!

I briefly know her origins, but other than that I'm pretty clueless.  I know she gets around if you know what I mean...

Marvel Universe Wave 19 Future Foundation Spider-Man

I remember her from the '90 Incredible Hulk cartoon and her brief role in Civil War.

Marvel Universe Comic Pack Wave 13 Hulk

Overall she is a pretty solid figure.  I've got a few complaints, but not bad ones.

Marvel Universe Future Foundation Team Pack Invisible Woman

She kind of still has the typical woman body, but it's bigger and more proportioned properly.  He hands seem really, really small though.

Marvel Universe Battle Pack SHIELD Agent
Marvel Universe Wave 18 Kraven the Hunter

Thor Series Frost Giant

She is quite articulate and fairly easy to pose.  Her hair is a little restrictive on her neck, but I can get over that.

Marvel Universe Wave 12 World War Hulk

Marvel Universe Comic Pack Wave 13 Juggernaut

Injustice: Gods Among Us Solomon Grundy and Wonder Woman
Marvel Universe Heroic Age Avengers Team Pack Red Hulk

I feel like Wonder Woman and She-Hulk should team up sometime!

Marvel Universe Wave 12 Doc Samson

This is my best reenactment of She-Hulk in Civil War.

Marvel Universe Wave 2 Hulk


  1. Everything about this She-Hulk figure is excellent.

    I plan on making a fantasy custom using a spare I have.

    1. I've thought about the same. As much as I don't care for the character, I need a Red She Hulk.