Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Marvel Universe Comic Pack Wave 12 Future Foundation Spider-Man and Dr. Doom

Here we have the Toys R Us Exclusive Marvel Universe pack, Black Spider-Man and Dr. Doom.  I'm not sure why Marvel Universe can't just give us real names for characters, but this is a Future Foundation costume used once for Spider-Man.

It is a good Spider-Man figure, but my specific one is almost too articulate.  Most of his joints are very loose, making him just kind of flop around.

Marvel Universe Secret Wars Doctor Doom

This Doom figure is the same one we have seen twice before, just painted white.

Marvel Universe Secret Wars Absorbing Man

The first Doom figure was released with Absorbing Man in a Secret Wars pack.  The second one is a single carded figure that had a slightly darker paint scheme.  There is also an unmasked version that was a convention exclusive.

Marvel Universe Wave 15 Ultron

He has the same body as Ultron, which I have always hated.  I just can't get his arms to look natural.

Marvel Universe Fantastic Four Team Pack Thing

Marvel Universe Fantastic Four Team Pack Mr. Fantastic 
Marvel Universe Battle Pack SHIELD Agent

Marvel Universe Greatest Battles Hulk 

Marvel Universe Wave 18 Kraven the Hunter

Spider-Man Carnage

Spider-Man Lizard

Marvel Universe Wave 3 Black Suit Spider-Man

As you can clearly see, this newer Spider-Man figure is much beefier than previous figures.  It isn't a bad thing, he just kind of looks too buff.  The older figures don't look right either though.

Marvel Universe Heroic Age Team Pack Red Hulk

Honestly, with this suit, he could almost pass for Agent Venom.  Considering there are two Future Foundation Spider-Man figures, this might just have to be Agent Venom...he looks good with  an assault rifle, don't you think?

Marvel Universe Wave 1 Hulk

Hulk can hold both, Spider-Man comfortable, Doom not so comfortably, for two reasons...  He's just going to spit the bullet out anyway.

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