Saturday, June 1, 2013

Marvel Universe Wave 18 Beast Figure

Today I opened my Marvel Universe Beast figure.

This is apparently his Astonishing X-Men style, but I honestly have never read any of it.  I have most of it, but I have yet to actually read it.

Beast is extremely pose-able.  He has so much articulation.  He can do a handstand on his own!

His feet are even articulate.

Marvel Universe Team Pack Red Hulk 

Giant Size X-Men Wolverine

As you can see, Beast is pretty large.  He didn't seem that big at first, but now that I look at him compared to Wolverine, he seems huge.  I'm aware Wolverine isn't a big guy, but damn!

Marvel Universe Cyclops 
Giant Size X-Men Colossus, Marvel Universe Jean Grey,
Marvel Universe Ice Man, Marvel Universe Psylocke

He isn't going to quite fit in with my regular X-Men team, but certainly close enough and better than nothing at all!  I can't afford the Marvel Legends Showdown beast.

Marvel Universe Greatest Battles Mr. Sinister

Marvel Universe Apocalypse

No matter what version of Beast this is, he is no match for the might Apocaylpse.

Marvel Universe Arch-Angel

Marvel Universe Juggernaut

Marvel Universe Hulk

The Hulk had a little trouble holding him, but no one is a match for the Hulk.

He isn't much shorter than Red Hulk.

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