Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Corps: Shinobi Squad

I've been looking at these for years, but I never actually thought I would actually buy any.  Today I purchased The Corps 3 Man Recon Shinobi Squad.

Kenji Shinto "Rain"

Name Classified "Mirage"

Trent Tanner "Decoder"

These figures aren't spectacular, but for what they cost they aren't bad at all.

This three pack cost about $6.  There are single figures for $3 and six packs for around $12.  So for about $2 a figure, I cannot complain at all.  Fifteen points of articulations, and quite a few weapons.  The new Iron Man 3 figures have five points of articulation and are around $6.  They are so bad.

Marvel Universe Hulk

Avengers Movie Hawkeye

Marvel Universe SHIELD Agent

I'm happy I bought these, I'll definitely get more.  I always need more generic soldiers, and about everyone in this line fits that perfectly.  I really wouldn't even mind duplicates, as they are going to serve as nameless thugs anyway.

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