Sunday, May 12, 2013

Marvel Universe Nick Fury Figure

Today I received my Nick Fury Mail Away figure.

He is currently on sale on the Hasbro Toy Shop, but to my knowledge the only other way to get him previously was through SDCC or by signing up for the Marvel Online Comic Service for a limited time.

Not that this means a damn thing, but here he is compared to Iron Man 2 Nick Fury.  The Marvel Universe figure is identical to the Toys R Us Exclusive SHIELD Agent figure.  The head is different, obviously  and he has a jet pack, but otherwise the same.  The comes with a rifle and pistol, like the agents, but also some kind of alien weapon and a bazooka like the first Punisher figure.  Not worth what they are asking on eBay, but worth the $14.99 I paid.

My mobile SHIELD team.

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