Saturday, May 18, 2013

Marvel Universe Comic Pack Wave 13 Mandarin and Silver Centurion Figures

I've had this thing for months, but I finally got around to opening it today.

Maybe it was my disappointment with Iron Man 3, but I have wanted to do some Mandarin photography lately.

This pack also includes the Silver Centurion, one of Tony Stark's many variations of his Iron Man armor.

The Mandarin's mask comes right off easily and goes on just as easily.  It is designed perfectly, as it seems to stay snug, but isn't hard to remove at all.

Iron Man 2 Mandarin

As you can see, this new Marvel Universe Mandarin figure is identical to the Iron Man 2 line Mandarin figure.

No matter who wins, Tony Stark loses.

Iron Man 2 Ultimate Iron Man and Marvel Universe Extremis Iron Man

Marvel Universe Iron Man

Marvel Universe Hulk

As with pretty much all my new figures, I always check to see if Hulk can hold them. 

The Mandarin does not fear the Hulk.

Marvel Universe Iron Patriot and Iron Man 2 Crimson Dynamo

Iron Man 2 Movie War Machine 
Injustice Solomon Grundy

Marvel Universe Fury Files Chaste Ninja

Marvel Universe Greatest Battles Thanos

Iron Man better call for backup...

Overall, I really like Mandarin, but I prefer the green one.  Silver Centurion isn't anything special, not my least favorite Iron Man, but definitely not my favorite.  I don't regret buying this pack, but I didn't really need either figure included in it.  I can never have enough Mandarins though, right?

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