Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Upcoming 3.75 inch figures to look out for!

When I first got into this scale of figures, I was a little disappointed with the variety of different lines.  I mainly stuck to Marvel Universe with a few Star Wars figures here and there.  Now, I have more lines than I can count!  It seems this is becoming a more and more popular scale every day.  I suppose it is because they are cheaper to make, thus cheaper to sell.  Either way, it works for me!  Here is a list of some of the upcoming and newer lines I'm excited about.

The Wolverine

While they do have very limited articulation, I am kind of excited for this line.  I wasn't collecting when Wolverine Origins came out, and I feel I missed out on a lot of random Wolverine figures because of that.  That being said, I probably won't get any of the Wolverine figures, but more ninjas wouldn't hurt.  I do have the Marvel Universe Silver Samurai, but this one is kind of bad ass if I can get past the limited movement.

Thor: The Dark World

I have a number of Thor figures from the last line, mainly just frost giants, but I was happy with them.  They weren't perfect, but certainly not horrible.  This line appears to have better articulation than most movie lines being released.  Plus, army builders are my favorite, and it appears this line will have a few of them.  I just hope it isn't 95% Thor figures with different weapons.  Another Heimdall would be nice as I still don't have one!

Iron Man 3

Yet another Marvel movie based line, these figures are atrocious.  I considered maybe grabbing a few just to build a small hall of armor kind of thing, but these figures can hardly move.  Equivalent to '90s Star Wars figures.  There is hope though!  I have read some rumors that Hasbro is addressing the problem and might release a more articulate line.  Rumor has it it will include a Mandarin figure as well!  Not that I don't have two already, but a Ben Kingsley one would be awesome.

While there is no details on the size of this figure, I strongly believe it is not detailed enough to be six inch, with only means one thing...

Injustice: Gods Among Us

Based on the new video game from the creator of Mortal Kombat, this line contains famous DC characters in their video game costumes.  I know many people don't like the look of some of these, I mean look at Wonder Woman, but what other options do I have if I want a Deadpool VS Deathstroke battle in this scale?  I'm actually very happy with them so far, even though only two sets have been released (more on those later today).  There are still plenty of figures to come, more being released in about two months, and more being announced regularly.  Doomsday himself was just announced a few days ago (more on that hear).  Oddly enough, they have yet to announce a Batman figure.  No Joker either, so one would think they would pair the two, but so far the two packs have been seemingly random.  I mean Harley with Cyborg, Doomsday with Catwoman, and Nightwing with Superman?  Obviously it is to get you to buy them all, so I doubt they would put Joker with Batman, but who knows.  Here is a complete list of the announced figures, minus Doomsday and Catwoman.

Man of Steel

After the unimpressive Green Lantern and Dark Knight Rises lines, I didn't expect much here.  I haven't bought one yet, but from outside the package they don't look half bad!  They have articulation!  Not a huge amount, but much better than Green Lantern and the Dark Knight Rises figures.  Most of the line so far is just different variations of Superman, but I do plan on getting a General Zod to combat the Injustice Superman once he comes out.

Marvel Universe

I was deathly afraid this line would die with the reboot of Marvel Legends.  It seems to be going strong though!  The new list of 2013 Wave 1 figures has been released.  So far we get Mysterio, Rhino, Captain America, and Elektra.  I definitely needs an Elektra, but I'm going to pass on Rhino and probably on Cap.  I have the Rhino from the Spider-man line, and unless it is a new sculpt, there is no need for it.  Same with Cap.  Mysterio, on the other hand, is one of those non-army builder army builders like Multiple Man.  I'm going to need three of him.  Other than single, there are some interesting team packs coming up.  Rogue was just released in one along with Longshot and another Wolverine.  Also an Inhumans pack.  There seems to be some kind of Asgard pack or something, because one of them has the Executioner.  Finally someone to protect the Enchantress.  There are also a few more X-Men three packs coming out, one with Emma Frost, Juggernaut Colossus, and Cyclops.  Rumor is the three pack with Zemo will be released to the general public soon too. Also Fing Fang Foom.  Too much excitement!

The Hobbit

I bought all of the Hobbit figures they day I could.  I want more fantasy figures in this line!  I have pretty much all of them I know of.  The next wave gives us more Dwarves and another Gandalf.  There seems to be themed multipacks, like Mirkwood, that have some new figures, some old ones.  Looks like I'll have multiple on this line, but maybe with a little work I can make Legolas not look like Legolas and have an elven army.

Gears of War

As you can see here, I am in love with these figures.  They aren't perfect, but they are quite detailed and a lot of fun.  Wave 2 contains two new figures and another Marcus.  Hopefully I won't have to buy a case and have two Marcus's.  I would like some enemies in this line, but they can fight Skrull, Chitauri, and Stormtroopers in the mean time.

GI Joe

There were a few figures from the movie line that intrigued me, especially the second wave.  The Dark Ninja is pretty great, as is the Alley Viper, but aren't they always?  I also picked up a few Storm Shadows for no reason at all.  What really shines here are the three packs.  I have three of the four so far, and they are great. There is a variety of good figures with an abundance of accessories.  For the most part they aren't super gimicky.  Other than the movie line, the next wave of figures are called "basic".  These are decent figures, but just repaints or straight re-releases of the Dollar General Exclusive line.  I an fortunate enough to have two Dollar Generals within a mile of me, so I have all of them plus plenty of those Cobra soldiers.  This is great for anybody who missed out on them, as they are quite high on eBay.

Avengers Assemble

Now I am a huge fan of "Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes".  For those of you not familiar, this is an animated series featuring the Avengers and numerous other Marvel characters.  It lasted two seasons and they are both on Netflix.  Watch them.  The show was cancelled for whatever reason, but a new show, "Avengers Assemble" is starting soon.  It may or may not be a continuation of the previous show.  Either way, this show is actually getting a toy line!  Most of it seemed to be stuff I don't need at first glance, but there are some great looking ones.  First of all, the Leader!  I simply need more Hulk villains, or should I say I need a Hulk villain.  Red Hulk I guess?  Abomination is on the way, but other than that, who does he have to do battle against?  Absorbing Man?  Also, that Red Skull looks better than both the Captain America line figures.  I'm actually excited to see what this line has in store for us.

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  1. I'd really like a few of those Thor Darkworld Elves.