Friday, May 17, 2013

DC Injustice: Gods Among Us Green Arrow and Deathstroke Figures

Here we have a much more human DC Injustice: Gods Among Us two pack.  This pack includes Green Arrow and Deathstroke.  Here are my shots of Solomon Grundy and Wonder Woman.

Deathstroke isn't too bad.  He suffers a little from being able to hold his gun normally.

Green Arrow looks great.  His bow is literally the best bow I've ever seen in this scale.  Like Deathstroke, it's a little weird to get him to hold his bow in an "attack" stance.

Marvel Universe Greatest Battles Deadpool

Marvel Universe First Appearance Wolverine
Deathstroke is a little short.  Deadpools legs are pretty spread out here, so he looks shorter.  Deathstroke is barely bigger than Wolverine.

Maybe Deathstroke is short, I haven't read much with him in it, but I don't feel like he should be this short.  Nothing major though.

These figures are very detailed, as are their accessories.  A sword for Deathstroke would be nice, but I have plenty running around.

Here are all my Injustice figures so far; Wonder Woman, Green Arrow, Deathstroke, and Solomon Grundy.

Marvel Universe Ms. Marvel

Marvel Universe Secret Wars Hulk

Marvel Universe Thor

Overall, I think I liked the other two pack more, but this one is still pretty great.  I love their accessories, but Deathstroke feels a little short.  Nothing bad though, height diversity among these figures is great.

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